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How To Speed Read




KLHbillboardphotoSpeedReadingBillboard announcing bookLEARN HOW TO SPEED READ

This is the real deal: a speed-reading book by a speed-reading expert who has a Master’s Degree in Reading Education. Best-selling author Kathleen L. Hawkins has taught speed-reading in person to more than 60,000 people.

Her book, Speed Reading Made Easy, contains all the easy-to-learn, practical tips, tricks, and techniques that corporations pay thousands of dollars to have her teach their people.

Double or triple your reading rates in about an hour while maintaining the same level of comprehension or increasing it. Grab a novel or some work-related or study material, and start to get caught up with your reading today.

Get Speed Reading Made Easy now. Full speed ahead!

Reviewed By Nina M. on Amazon
“I have always been an avid but very slow reader. I never knew why and I never knew how to get faster no matter what I tried. UNTIL NOW! In just the first few minutes of following the tips in Speed Reading Made Easy I almost doubled my speed as promised! As a graduate student in an accelerated program, I don’t have the luxury of time. These techniques definitely do the job! As with everything the more you work at it the better you get, but this takes such little time and it’s so easy it doesn’t really feel like work because you see results so quickly.”

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The Insiders Cover

The Insiders BillboardThe Insiders: We Know What You’re Thinking and the Truth will be Told
by Kathleen L. Hawkins

The Insiders is a psychological thriller about a group of teenagers who solve a murder mystery using a mind-reading machine. The voice-analysis procedure, which reveals people’s hidden thoughts–in actual words–leads them deep into the fascinating mind of a killer’s psyche. They’re hunted for their discovery and soon running for their lives—and for their sanity.

Amazon Reviewer
“What a wonderful read! The suspense was page by page, and the character development complex but believable. The last chapter left me wishing for a sequel, and, even better, the last pages seem to indicate a sequel will be forthcoming!  Kathleen Hawkins, don’t let your readers (of all ages) down!”

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How to Follow Your Spiritual Path From 9 to 5

SPIRIT INCORPORATED will give you techniques to get through even the toughest day at work. It’s filled with practical tips to keep you inspired and operating with a positive, winning-spirit attitude every day.

This book is not based on any particular religion– It’s based on sound universal spiritual principles that you can use to turn even the most chaotic day into a wonderful day. You’ll learn how to deal with the ethically challenged; how to write and live by your own spiritual mission statement, and how to practice spirituality at work.

You spend a great portion of your life at work. Isn’t it time you learned how to make the most of it spiritually?

“Lively and lavish with ideas on how to marry the spiritual and the practical in the workplace.” — Linda Kavelin Popov, author, The Family Virtues Guide.

“Spirit Incorporated shares more than 200 ways to find a renewed sense of purpose at work!” — Mark Victor Hansen, coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

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time-management skillsTIME MANAGEMENT MADE EASY

206-page paperback book by Kathleen Hawkins and Peter Turla. Acclaimed for containing the easiest to use, most practical techniques ever devised to make the most of time. A must for personal and corporate libraries. Recognize and overcome hang-ups about time. Set the right goals for success. Delegate effectively. Create the ideal working environment for high-level productivity. Have short, productive meetings. Handle unexpected job emergencies. Stay on target. In its 10th printing, sold in more than 30 countries. A classic. “A few hours reading this book can increase your productivity for life!” Robert Grady, Manager, Southwestern Bell. The book was written a few years ago and is now out of print but you may order used copies from

To read free articles and view free video clips about how to improve your time management, visit Peter “the Time Man” Turla’s website.

Reverse Speech



Reverse Speech billboardREVERSE SPEECH: Hidden Messages in Human Communication
275-page hardback book by David Oates with Kathleen Hawkins. Based on Oates’ ground-breaking research, this book presents stunning evidence that the unconscious mind speaks to us and to others in words. Any human speech when recorded and played backwards contains “reversals” that communicate the needs and desires of the speaker.

“A truly novel, creative, and profoundly important discovery that may prove to be of Nobel caliber.” Larry Dossey, MD, author, Words that Heal.

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