Spirit Incorporated Seminar

How to Follow Your Spiritual Path From 9 to 5

Keynote winning-spirit presentations or one- to three-hour breakout sessions and workshops

Explore practical ways to use a spiritual perspective every day at the office–whatever your faith, whatever your job, whatever the challenge. You’ll learn how to rise above “Murphy’s Law,” deal with the ethically challenged, and manage difficult behavior. You’ll discover exciting new ways to think about your job, spiritual strategies to stay on top of things, and reasons to look forward to coming to work every day. Have more energy, increased confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Winning-spirit topics that can be tailored for your next meeting that will enliven and inspire the participants

My Job/Myself? You are not your job, you are so much more, but your job could be a reflection of your beliefs about prosperity, employment, people in general, and yourself. Discover how well your spiritual values empower you on the job and learn how to draw on your spiritual strengths so you can look forward to coming to work. Make a spiritual response your first response, not your last resort.

Remembering Your Spirit at Work. Do you ever feel like you’re going crazy at work? Learn how to create some breathing space for yourself throughout the day, rise above Murphy’s Law, and put a difficult day back on track.

How to Inspire Cooperation. Explore positive ways to deal with difficult behavior, handle the ethically challenged, and communicate clearly with others to encourage their cooperation.

Mission Possible: What’s Yours? Draft a winning-spirit mission statement to inspire and motivate you throughout the day.


Meet Your Course Instructor

Kathleen Hawkins is a former columnist for Success magazine and the best-selling author of several books, including Spirit Incorporated: How to Follow Your Spiritual Path From 9 to 5 and Time Management Made Easy.

She also wrote and produced the phenomenally successful audio program How to Organize Yourself to Win.

In her capacity as a Spiritual Strategist, she’ll help you to explore practical ways to incorporate a spiritual perspective at work by tuning into the source of your highest inspiration and guidance. Thousands of people from all levels of business have taken Kathleen’s workshops and attended her presentations.

Here’s what some of them have to say about Kathleen and her presentations: Entertaining! Extraordinary! Exhilarating! Enlightening! Informative! Innovative! Inspiring! Impressive! Practical! Poignant! Powerful! Profound! Moving! Memorable! Motivating!

To schedule a class or a presentation contact:

Kathleen Hawkins, Spiritual Strategist and author of Spirit Incorporated: How to Follow Your Spiritual Path From 9 to 5
E-mail: kathleen@winningspirit.com
Website: www.WinningSpirit.com
National Management Institute
3209 Lakewood Lane
Flower Mound, TX 75022-6802