Speed Reading Made Easy

Let speed reading expert Kathleen Hawkins teach you the speed reading skills to save you time, improve your memory, and increase your comprehension


Speed Read Your Work Related Reading In Class

This class will show you how to speed read to keep up with today’s information explosion. Speed Reading Made Easy is an accelerated course that will make you a faster, more effective reader. Bring some work-related reading with you, on which to practice, and start to get caught up with your reading right in class!


You'll Learn How To

  • Use more than 30 timesaving reading techniques
  • Learn about your latent “photographic” memory
  • Master difficult material and improve comprehension
  • Assimilate new concepts easily and rapidly
  • Zip through books, ebooks, magazines, and newspapers
  • Use a revolutionary system for astounding recall
  • Learn special techniques for reading on the computer
  • Finish work-related reading in half the time

Speed Reading Skills Development Techniques


Increase Your Reading Speed Instantly

  • Apply proven strategies to instantly increase your reading rates
  • Expand the number of words you understand at a glance
  • Reduce rereading by 50% or more
  • Overcome saying the words to yourself when you read

Improve Your Comprehension

  • Use 5 easy guidelines to estimate your comprehension
  • Practice an exciting, new way to improve speed and understanding
  • Learn the best ways to remember what you read

Go to Warp Speed

  • Experience a scientific method to read very fast
  • Discover the 6 secrets to developing a “photographic” memory
  • Read work-related material quickly
  • Learn 16 practical ways to manage work-related reading
  • Find out the best way to read for study and research purposes
  • Learn how to read books, ebooks, newspapers, and magazines more effectively
  • Handle computer reading more efficiently

How is Speed Reading Skills Different From Other Speed Reading Courses?



In other speed reading courses the content tends to be dull and dry. In Speed Reading Skills participants learn exciting, new ways to think about reading. They can make sense of the material and integrate it easily into their daily lives:

“The ideas presented were fascinating and intriguing. I came home enlightened, knowing I’d added something beneficial to my life.”



Speed Reading Skills participants usually increase their reading rates before the first break while maintaining or increasing their comprehension – results achieved in other courses after several weeks:

“Anyone in business needs this course. I increased my reading speed 300%. I’ve taken a 10-week course and found this one-day course more helpful and meaningful.”

Kathleen L. HawkinsSpeed Reading Expert

Kathleen Hawkins is a speed reading expert with two master’s degrees and 18 years experience teaching speed reading throughout the country to people in all levels of business, education, science, industry, and the health-related fields. She’s also a best-selling author who knows reading from “the inside out.” She tells the secrets that professional writers use: what makes material easy to read or difficult and what saves readers’ time or wastes it:

“Kathleen was electrifying! She changed my traditional way of reading to a more comprehensive approach. I tripled my speed. A no-nonsense, educational day well worth every minute.”


Class Experience

Participants of other courses complain that those courses take too long so they get distracted and lose interest. Speed Reading Skills, on the other hand, is entertaining and fun. Kathleen is a speed reading expert who uses humor, magic, and visuals, and shares her personal experiences to present the material in an exciting way that gets results:

“Kathleen was warm, affirming, confident, and sure of herself. She took time to make sure everyone was with her, but didn’t hold the fast learners back. Clear, precise presentation. The information was very easy to understand. Practical applications. Good balance between learning and doing. Lots of class participation.”


Save Time and Money

Because Kathleen uses an accelerated format for speed reading training, people spend less “down time” away from their jobs. A few hours in this course translates into immediate gains in their reading rates, memory, and comprehension . results they can enjoy for life:

“Great class! I more than doubled my speed and I remember so much more. The investment was enormously profitable! Thanks for saving my time and the boss’s money.”



Speed Reading Skills is an accelerated course (one day or less) for people who want to learn how to speed read, but don’t have the time to spend in a longer course. In other speed reading training courses the instructors parcel out the techniques and people go home to practice for a week, then return for more. In Speed Reading Skills, people practice all the speed reading techniques during the day and discover quickly which ones work the best for them:

Practical, down-to-earth approach. It was especially rewarding to discover that my comprehension and enjoyment also increased. I’ve been to a lot of seminars and this has been the best. The time passed quickly, the material was fascinating, and I increased my reading speed more than four times.”


Special Benefits

You’ll receive a home-study plan to continue your speed reading progress and achieve even faster reading rates. And if you’re worried about skipping work to take a class, relax. Bring some work-related reading with you and you’ll have an opportunity in the second half of class to start to speed reading it and get caught up. Your instructor will find out in advance the kinds of reading you do and will tailor the presentation to meet those needs.

Excellent results, substantial savings, rave reviews.

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